Celebration of Love

Getting married in HIGH&. You are surrounded by garages and industrial building and don't really know what are you doing here. But once you walk into the venue, everything is clearer: you're here to have fun. The hostess welcomes you in the stylish lobby with a welcome drink and invites you to go upstairs. The elevator doors open on the last floor, right into an open roof. Tel Aviv views are spread out from every direction, and everyone around you drinks cocktails and eats some tapas. The canopy is taking place on the roof. Everything is on point. After that, a fine meal by Chef Eran Zino is served. The dishes disappear from the plates. The party continues downstairs in the designed space, just as you imagined. The music sound so sharp and good, and your drunken friends are dancing and having fun. The adults sit happily in the courtyard. It turns out that a wedding in Tel Aviv can be the best party in the city.

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